Monday, March 26, 2012

Exciting times

 Gate to the home of the djinns, Kotla Ferozeshah, Delhi

 Knife throwing target, Tilwara Mela, Rajasthan. Sorry about alignment.

 Electronics shop, Delhi

 Tilwara cattle fair, Rajasthan

 Circus family and onlookers, Bhavnath Mela, Junagadh

 Acrobat, Bhavnath Mela, Junagadh. sorry about alignment

 An appealing looking film poster

 Child in chicken suit

 Blissed out milkman at Shivaratri

 Fish for sale, Delhi

 Two truckloads of villagers, Baytu Rajasthan   sorry about alignment

Circus family

Thursday, February 16, 2012

 Trick Rollerskating in honor of the Prophet Muhammed's Birthday

 Wedding Chaos in crappy Bundi

 Roadside blacksmith near Aspur in southern Rajasthan

 Sugarcane and circus posters- I keep seeing them but no circus

 Cemetary in Uperkot Fort, Junagadh

 I almost bought one of these chicks but I realized it would be horrible to watch it die

This elderly lohar (blacksmith) lady at the Baneshwar Mela in southern Rajasthan had great traditional ear ornaments

Monday, January 9, 2012